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Receive your first 2 weeks unlimited training for just $20, and FREE uniform on sign up (valued at $137, total savings $127)

Ok so you’re interested in Martial Arts already because you’re here reading this: which is a great start. This site will give you all the information you need to take you first step towards achieving your black belt!

The benefits of Martial Arts are endless. Self-defence, get fit, lose weight, increase strength and flexibility, learn respect, make friends and improve self-esteem. No matter your reason for wanting to learn Martial Arts it’s all achievable with us – AKKA Martial Arts

We teach Martial Arts to kids, teens and adults. We also have fun and dynamic Karate classes especially for 4-6 year olds in our Little Dragon’s Classes

Our philosophy is that every student is special and deserving of personal attention in a safe and secure learning environment. We believe to inspire and start your children off on the right path that being taught by Black Belts is a must. All of our lessons have Black belt instructors with assistant instructors and SWAT members to ensure each student is gaining attention in every lesson.

We believe that the martial arts skills we teach help people to become complete. Our Martial Arts students not only become physically fit, but they develop mentally and gain in confidence. By setting and achieving personal goals they get stronger, giving them that much needed edge in the world. AKKA Martial Arts Perth also has strong anti-bullying values which we try to install in all of our students.

AKKA Martial Arts Perth is proud to be an inclusive learning centre and applies adaptive options for students so everyone can participate.

So whether you’re a beginner, or someone returning to martial arts after a break, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve that personal best.


Osborne park

23 Pearson Way
Osborne Park
WA 6017


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Monday - Friday: 4pm-8pm
Saturday: 9:15am-12pm

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23 Pearson Way, Osborne Park WA 6017
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  0428 986 949