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Empowerment Self Defence For Your Staff


AKKA Martial Arts’ new self defence programs have been specifically designed for your employees in vulnerable working positions, such as real estate agents, hospital personnel, postal workers, banking staff and others who often find themselves working alone in isolated locations.

Our self defence courses are tailored to suit your specific business needs, your staff’s experience and their working conditions, giving everyone the most relevant, useful and personalised experience possible.

The key areas of AKKA’s self defence training target the following, most common threats to women:

  • Verbal assaults and de-escalation tactics;
  • Situational Awareness – various location scenarios;
  • Inside your car / using your car as a defence and escape;
  • Arm, wrist and body grab escapes;
  • Dog awareness;
  • Ground and anti-rape work;
  • Strike and target work.

All our self defence courses are run by two, highly trained in various martial arts instructors and can be held at your work location or in our permanent training facility in Osborne Park.

The minimal duration of our self defence session is 90 minutes, which enables us to share the key strategies and tactics, which your staff will find invaluable.

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Find us at 23 Pearson Way Osborne Park