Meet a student…. - AKKA Martial Arts Academy Perth WA

Meet a student….

At AKKA Martial Arts we like to get to know our students so they feel comfortable and enjoy training at our dojos.

Each month we are getting to know a student more closely and make them feel like a great part of our martial arts family!

August ’19 – Noa

Name:Noa M
Favourite food: Lasagna
Favourite colour: Blue
How long have you been at AKKA? 10 months
Favourite thing about coming to class? Letting out anger
Special skill or talent? Good singer
Favourite karate move: Jump front kick
Favourite holiday destination: Monkey Mia
If you had a superpower what would it be? Absorb animal abilities
Favourite movie/tv show: Ice Age
Do you have any pets? A dog
Do you have any siblings? 2 sisters

Noa – our Student from AKKA Martial Arts Academy