New Krav Maga Classes Starting February 2018


Have you ever considered what you would do if you were attacked? Would you be able to fight back with all your might and walk away with your dignity, or would you suffer  defeat and even risk losing your life?

If you’re one of the many people who lack the self-defence skills to protect themselves against vicious attacks, you owe it to yourself to discover Krav Maga at AKKA Martial Arts

Developed by the Israeli Army to defend their ground troops on the battlefield, Krav Maga is the most effective self-defence system known to mankind. In fact, it’s so reliable that U.S. law enforcement agencies and foreign defence forces around the world have made it their self-defence system of choice

AKKA Teaches Tactical Krav Maga a battlefield-proven system, that gives you a huge advantage over any attacker, even if he’s armed! Here’s what you can expect when you take our Krav Maga classes

  • You’ll learn how to expose your attacker’s weaknesses and exploit them with surprise moves that will give you an instant advantage
  • You’ll master the art of escape as you learn to release yourself from extreme chokeholds, headlocks and bear hugs
  • You’ll discover easy ways to defeat an entire gang of attackers with unexpected and effective techniques


When it comes down to life or death, defeat is not an option! That’s why the next move you make may be the most important move of your life. Register for Krav Maga today at AKKA Martial Arts, you’ll be on your way to giving yourself military-grade self-defence skills.

Tactical krav Maga uses defensive tactics developed for providing solutions to real world conflict and violence by combining knowledge and experiance. Tactical Krav Maga is active in Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh & Serbia. In those regions it is part of the Martial Arts/Defensive Tactics and counter terrorism education for many civilian, police, and military units.

Tactical Krav Maga is a methodology which combines unarmed and armed skills as well as knowledge gained from dealing with real world conflict as well as academic studies in order to understand the problem to produce solutions to these problems. So we are not just about solving the problem from a physical perspective but also in offering educational courses so to address today’s problems in an academic way as well.



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