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Junior Krav Maga Perth (for ages 10 – 15yrs)

Imagine your child attending a class filled with happy, healthy, highly-motivated children, training in Krav Maga and learning Self Defence skills that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Our specialised Kids Krav Maga and Self Defence classes will teach your children not only awareness to try to avoid any potential harmful situations primarily but what to do in real life situations such as bullying at school, dealing with adult attackers, multiple attackers to being able to read a situation and to walk away.

The Kids Krav Maga and Self Defence classes are a dynamic mix of defence, strikes, kicks, body grab escapes and ground work.

As parents we want our children to be safe and be able to defend them selves should they need it. Having the ability technically as well as the fitness, muscle memory and strength to be able to effectively stay safe against a school bully or adult attacker comes with repetitious training.

The classes will help develop confidence and control within your children ensuring their safety.

Sign up your child now to Kids Krav Maga and get them the training they need for a safe future.

Benefits of Kids Krav Maga

  • Acquire the tools to protect themselves
  • Build their self-esteem and have confidence in themselves
  • Help them to achieve self-control and discipline
  • Improve their physical abilities including muscles, bone density and coordination levels
  • Increase strength and give your children the confidence they require to feel safe at school or in the street

Why Train With AKKA Martial Arts

At AKKA Martial Arts Kids Krav Maga, we know that every child is different and requires individual attention. We also know how important it is to ensure overall development of your child. Therefore, here are a few steps we follow to ensure that your child is learning some of the elite self-defence techniques in a safe and fun environment:

  • Every child gets personal attention
  • Training offered by professional trainers who are extremely responsible and are Working with Children Check cardholders
  • We make sure that your child is safe and protected in a safe, fun and clean environment
  • Our training sessions are suitable for all  regardless of fitness abilities; we always work on stimulating their abilities and senses so they never stop improving with every kid getting the attention he/she requires


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