About Christine Barnes - AKKA Martial Arts Academy Perth WA

My name is Christine Barnes. I am Results –focused, quality driven professional, with 3 ½ years experience in Health and Fitness, business Administration and Les Mills/Boxing fitness training. I am highly focused in demonstrating excellence in achieving set objectives, strong multi-tasking and up holding excellent Results from clients. I am highly dedicated to organisational goals whilst maintaining a highly motivated persona.

Like most who start out in the Fitness Industry I was heavily over weight , unhappy and looking for a mentor or someone to inspire me. I found a great PT in Abbey in Brisbane and it seemed like she had been where I was. I took what Abbey showed me and now use it to be passionate, caring and inspiring.

11 years ago I was in a horrific car accident when I was 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. Lucky to survive all of us. But I chose not to let that take me over. After the birth of my first child, I started at a 105kg and although it took 1 year I lost 52 kg. I have now had more drive than ever.

I started off instructing Les Mills programs Body Pump and Rpm. This is great to set me up but I needed something more. I qualified in cert 111 and cert IV and took boxing under my wing. I travelled every where to teach and decided now is the time to have my own business. We all are looking for a push, that is why I love the Group fitness side of the Fitness Industry. You are not alone when you train we are all there for the same reason.

Please feel free to contact me via website or Facebook under my page “Box N FFit” Today is the past .. sitting and wondering but Tomorrow is where the real decisions are made…..

My current qualifications include: Senior First Aid, Thump Advanced, Circuit, RPM, Pump and MetaFit.