AKKA Martial Arts Skills of the Month – May 19 - AKKA Martial Arts Academy Perth WA

AKKA Martial Arts Skills of the Month – May 19

Karate is not only about getting fitter, winning competitions or becoming more capable of standing up for yourself when threatened.

Each month we encourage our students (especially karate kids, but we believe all adults will also benefit from learning about our skills) to give some thought to two important skills, one applicable to their physical abilities and the other to life in general. These two areas of potential growth are intended as guides that when practiced and remembered at all times will make our students healthier inside and out.

For May our themes are:

Physical theme – Intensity

Intensity is when one is strong, loud and fast with maximum energy and effort. We encourage all our students at AKKA to continuously be training and competeing with high intensity to ensure they’re recieving the best results possible. Intensity is an important aspect in karate because it is a sport that requires the students to always be training with maximum effort if they wish to progress through the different stages. Over the next week we will be focusing on intensity as it also helps the students to maintain a level of focus and improve their karate skills. Intensity is an aspect of most other sports so by encouraging everyone at the AKKA to always train with intensity will hopefully allow them to use it in other areas of sport and life where it is required.

Life Skill – Respect

By having respect it means that our students show high regard, esteem or admiration for someone and to be able to recognise the worth, quality, importance or magnitude of something. By having respect it means
that someone will always take into consideration another person’s feelings and the outcome of their actions. At AKKA we build on each individuals respect and ensure that all the students treat everyone with respect, inside and outside of the academy. A person with a good level of respect will find things in life a lot easier because when you treat someone with respect they will hopefully treat you with the equal amount. By learning and starting to demonstrate respect at a younger age it will help set up our
students for later in life and carry it on into other areas.

Check out how your child can enter our special RESPECT competition here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AKKAMartialArts/