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Kelvin Boar – Head of Style – Chief Instructor – Karate & Kickboxing

Kelvin started training at the age of 10 under Mick Blackwell, President of the EKKA. He  reached the grade of 2nd kyu, and as kids often do, at the age of 13, he decided to take a break from karate and try other sports. However, karate remained close to his heart and never far from his thoughts, and at the age of 17 he went back to training with the EKKA. That’s when his karate career has really took off. Kelvin competed in various team events at the British and English Championships. His team was the first EKKA men’s team to win the British team title, overcoming some of the best male teams in Britain.

Kelvin, now a 5th  Dan black belt is bringing the style, techniques and attitude of the highly reputable EKKA champion to Australia in the AKKA Martial Arts, giving our students an unmissable opportunity to learn from the best.

His training motto: “A black belt is a white belt that never quit.”

• 5th Dan Karate
• 2nd Dan Kickboxing
• 1st Dan Ju Jitsu
• Level 1 Coach – NCAS
• Working with Children Check
• 6 years door security experience

Kelly Boar – Instructor – Karate & Kickboxing

Kelly started training at the age of 14 at the same martial arts school as Kelvin, also under Mick Blackwell. Martial arts have always been present in her life, as most of her closest family members, including her brothers, sister, mum and uncle, have been practising karate and other martial arts styles for many, many years. She achieved her 1st  Dan black belt at the age of 21. Kelly has successfully competed at National, English and British level competitions in karate kumite events in individual and team categories, winning a number of medals. One of Kelly’s career standout events was the 2014 USA Karate Open in Las Vegas, NV, where she represented Australia in kumite events.

Kelly is currently a WA State Kumite Coach and an Executive Board member for the West Australian Karate Federation.

Her training motto is: “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

• 3rd Dan Karate
• 1st Dan Kickboxing
• Level 1 Coach – NCAS
• Active After-school Communities Coach
• WA State Kumite Coach
• Working with Children Check

Kym Pethybridge – Instructor – Krav Maga

Kym embarked on her martial arts training adventure as a young adult. Her motivation to learn martial arts came from personal experiences and a dangerous incident, in which Kym and her friends were involved.

She trained in Zen Do Kai, an Australian freestyle martial arts system, until she discovered her true passion – Krav Maga. Kym gave up Zen Do Kai and devoted her training to Krav Maga in 2008. She trained under her instructor from Sydney for 3 years before reaching Level 10 – Black. Kym completed her instructors’ training and became a Tactical Krav Maga (TKM) Qualified Instructor in 2014.

Kym remains in close contact with her Chief Instructor in Sydney, whom she visits and trains with frequently, making sure she can always provide her students with the most up-to-date training experience, in synch with current TKM curriculum.

Her favourite saying: “They’re not bruises, they’re Krav Kisses!

• Tactical Krav Maga (TKM) Qualified Instructor
• TKM Level 10 – Black
• Certificate IV Government Investigations
• Conflict Resolution
• Canine Communication & Training
• Dealing with Dangerous Dogs