Dojo Etiquette - AKKA Martial Arts Academy Perth WA

Dojo Etiquette

Karate training begins and ends with rituals of etiquette and the following should always be practised.

Dojo Kun are basic rules of karate and are also known as “The five Maxims of Karate.”

They are:

  1. Character: Show inner strength through a strong character.
  2. Sincerity: Practice karate with sincerity.
  3. Effort: Train your mind and body with every effort possible.
  4. Etiquette: Respect yourself and others and live the true spirit and etiquette of Karate.
  5. Self-Control: Never abuse karate skills and strive for self-control. Violence should be the last resort.

Before entering the Dojo:

  • Rei, which means bow, when entering or leaving the Dojo. All bows are performed with feet together and facing the Shomen; front of Dojo.
  • You must present neatly and appropriately dressed before entering the dojo.
  • All jewellery including earrings and watches must be removed before training.
  • Ensure a high level of personal hygiene, wear clean clothes, keep nails short and cover any injuries etc.
  • Long hair should be pulled back away from the face.

For sparring, AKKA has a minimum requirement for student’s protective equipment. This includes AKF/WKF approved hand pads, shin and instep protection, as well as a gum shield.

AKF/WKF facemasks, body protectors and groin guards are optional in class but mandatory in most competition sections.

AKKA is sponsored by MASA – Martial Arts Supplies Australasia so please enquire further for club discounts.