AKKA Martila Arts Perth - WKF Karate and WAKO Kickboxing

About Us

AKKA Martial Arts is a family run martial arts centre and the Australian division of EKKA Karate Association.

Established in 1973, under the leadership of President Mick Blackwell (9th Dan) and Vice President Billy Brennan (9th Dan), EKKA’s karate style has been based on the original teachings of Lee Won Kuk and Choi Hong Hi. It reflects their study of Chun Do Kwan and that of Gichin Funakoshi’s Shotokan karate, hence the inclusion of both Korean and Japanese terminology and the practice of both Korean Hyung’s and Shotokan Kata.

The EKKA has become one of the most successful Associations in the U.K. The Association has produced English and International fighters in karate and kickboxing, including medalists and champions of English, British, Commonwealth and European Champions, as well as world medalists and four world champions:

  • Davin Pack – World Karate Champion,
  • Richard Vance – Professional Kickboxing Super Heavyweight World Champion,
  • Dennis Turner – Amateur Kickboxing Cruiserweight World Champion,
  • Steve Martin – Professional Kickboxing Welterweight World Champion.

The AKKA now brings the style and success of the EKKA to Australia. Since the club’s humble beginnings in February 2012, we have grown in size and strength, producing many local, state and national Karate Kumite (sparring) champions and WAKO Kickboxing Medallists. We are extremely proud of all our homegrown champions and medallists:

The unique blue colour of gis worn by EKKA and AKKA’s instructors and students reflect the link to Lee Won Kuk’s Chung Do Kwan (gymnasium of the blue wave) and Choi Hong Hi pen name “Chang Hon” (meaning “blue cottage”).

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